SiteAware is building
the industry's first Digital Verification platform
for construction

Enabling real estate developers and contractors to
lower construction risk and maximize quality.


100% Digital Verification in real-time

Enabling corrective action during construction to eliminate costly rework and provide a true record of work performed.

Pre-Pour Conformation

Getting everything dialed in
before the concrete is poured.

Real-time actionable insights verifying layout, workmanship and omissions of:
- concrete forms
- steel and curtainwall embeds
- MEP/FP elements
- up to 1/4" accuracy
- accurate and up to date as-built documenation
reduction in missing
and misplaced elements

Facade Conformation

Up close inspection & documentation
of facade installations.

In-process actionable insights verifying layout, workmanship, omissions, damage, and deterioration of:
- curtainwall and glazing systems
- masonry installation and detailing
- waterproofing and sealants
- siding elements
- finishes and exterior elements
- up to 1/8" accuracy
- accurate and up to date as-built documentation, tracked over time
reduction in workmanship
and warranty issues
The Benefits
Controlling risk in real-time through Digital Verification
Actionable data enables in-process correction of jobsite activities - SiteAware shrinks punchlists dramatically, protecting project budgets and schedules.

Seamless incorporation into standard construction processes.

Ensuring conformance while reducing human resources on site.
The Technology
Construction verification powered by next gen Digital Twinning and AI Inspection
we have created the world's fastest and most accurate digital twinning technology combined with AI - verifying 100% of field work adherence to CAD/BIM in real-time.

Autonomous Data Capture

Jobsite data capture and CAD/BIM files entered into the platform for verification

Digital Twinning

proprietary photogrammetry software creates a highly accurate digital twin in real-time to verify against design documents

Hybrid AI/Human Verification

Advanced algorithms power AI that compares the Digital Twin to the design documents

Real-Time Actionable Data & Analytics

Equipping the field with actionable insights while they work. Providing management with insights into performance and risks

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